Business Report Logical Model (Legacy)

(NOTE: This page is obsolete, please see the Digital Financial Reporting page for updated information and material.)

The Business Report Logical Model makes using XBRL easier, opening up the possibility of business users making efficient and effective use of XBRL. Currently the business reporting logical model is a work in progress. If you have heard about XBRLS, the business reporting logical model is an attempt to turn the ideas of XBRLS into an XBRL International global standard.  This may or may not come to pass, it all depends on support which will create the motivation for XBRL International to create this useful global standard.

A Financial Report Logical Model expands the Business Reporting Logical Model for the needs of financial reporting.

Visual Representation of Models

This is a link to a mind map which shows a DRAFT of the Business Reporting Logical Model and the Financial Reporting Logical model. This mind map will be superseded by a UML model which makes information contained in the model easier to understand and in a more standard format.

The portions of the model relating to the foundational Business Reporting Logical Model are indicated with the prefix "brm:" on model objects.  The Financial Reporting Logical Model have the prefix "frta:".

Business Use Cases, Basic Example, Comprehensive Example

Here is information about business use cases, a basic example, a comprehensive example, and metapatterns of the Business Report Logical Model:

  • Metapatterns: The foundational building blocks.
  • Business use cases: Business use cases which helped to derive the metapatterns.
  • Basic example: All the metapatterns combined together.
  • Comprehensive example: All the business use cases combined together to test how they interrelate with one another.
  • Comparison example: Takes the comprehensive example, creates two additional examples, and provides three comparable implementations of this model.

This index page has the examples above plus additional information.

Straw Man Implementation

(This is good information, but older than the examples above) Here is information about my straw man implementation of the business reporting logical model and the financial reporting logical model. This is what I am proposing to XBRL International. Currently, this information is not summarized, what is provided is lots of details which can be challenging to work your way through. The summaries are coming, those motivated to work at the detailed level can find all the information they need here: