Financial Reporting Using XBRL (The Book) (Legacy)

Note that this book is now obsolete, see a better source of information here.

This page tells you how to get a copy of the book Financial Reporting Using XBRL.

The book comes in two forms.  A complete, printed book can be ordered from here.  The price of the book are simply charges by Lulu to print the book.  You will also have to pay for shipping.

The book is also available by chapter in PDF.  You can go to this web site to grab a PDF of a any chapter(s) you might like, rather than purchasing the entire printed book.

The files with examples, samples, and exercises can be downloaded here.

The book is also available in Chinese.

Also located on the web site above are updates and new information for chapters for which updates are available.  Check back every now and then for more updates, new information is posted as it becomes available.