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Comparison of SEC Filer Presentation Networks

This is a report which compares the presentation neworks of the XBRL filings made to the US SEC.  This is very interesting and somewhat unexpected results. The number of presentation networks in each filing ranges from 6 (9 filers have this number) to 55 (The Dow Chemical Company).

What is rather odd is that only three of the network roles come from the US GAAP Taxonomy.  These are the three and the number of times they are used.









I would have expected that the vast majority of the networks used would come from the US GAAP Taxonomy.  Huh.  I need to check and see what is going on, maybe I am misinterpreting or misunderstanding something.

If you want to go look at the presentation networks of a filer, you can do so here (requires IE 7 or 8) or here (see the 10th column in the table); but this is probably the best option for most people.

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