Three Separate Dow Industrials Lists
Monday, September 12, 2011 at 08:08AM
Charlie in Demonstrations of Using XBRL

I am now aware of three different sources of an automatically generated lists of the 30 companies which make up the Dow Industrials, each generated from using the SEC XBRL financial information reported by these companies:

My list and the University of Texas student's list agree, we reconciled them to make sure we got the numbers correct.  The list is as of a specific point in time.  It is automatically generated, but these two lists are not dynamic, meaning updated for new information which is received. Two different code bases were used to generate the information and the same numbers were derived, which is a good sign.

The PrimeAim list is dynamic.  A few of the companies which make up the Dow have submitted XBRL information to the SEC since my list and the University of Texas student created our list.  As such, they don't agree.

Clearly a dynamically updated list has its advantages.

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