Updated Metapattern Visualizations, Easier to Understand XBRL
Monday, December 3, 2012 at 01:19PM
Charlie in Digital Financial Reporting

I have been able to update the visual examples of the financial reporting metapatterns thanks to XBRL Cloud.  The folks at XBRL Cloud have allowed me to provide an "Evidence Package" for each of the metapatterns.  For example, here is the visualization of the "Roll Forward" metapattern.

You can get to information for all the metapatterns here on the Digital Financial Reporting Wiki.  This documentation explains each metapattern.

Remember that these metapatterns are the foundation upon which pretty much any XBRL-based digital financial report are based.  Understanding these helps you get your head around pretty much any digital financial report.  These human readable visualizations help you get your head around the metapatterns.

For more information about the XBRL Cloud Evidence Package and why it is so useful, please refer to this blog post.

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