Digital Isn't Software, it is a Mindset
Tuesday, March 18, 2014 at 01:28PM
Charlie in General Information

Thinking digital is the paradigm that is winning.

Aaron Dignan's presentation insightful presentation Digital Isn't Software, It's a Mindset helps grasp your future.

The most dominant companies, no matter the industry, are digital-first. Think Netflix over Blockbuster or iTunes over Tower Records. So how can we take advantage of this trend in our work and with our own projects?

Aaron Dignan walks us through how we can have the right mindset to thrive in the future: We need a purpose, a process to support it, the right people, and (most importantly) these need to combine to make products that serve a community larger than any employee or organization. Dignan shows off plenty of examples and tells us what to adopt for our own work. “When we look at the companies that are really dominating, this is what they are doing.”

How do you do what you do?  What is your operating model?  PURPOSE that applies PROCESS to support PEOPLE who make PRODUCTS that grow into PLATFORMS that serve a community larger than any employee, department, or organization.

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