Normalized and As Reported Comparisons from 28msec
Tuesday, May 10, 2016 at 08:40AM
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28msec used my fundamental accounting concept relations metadata to implement what I would call normalized comparisons of public company financial information based on those fundamental accounting concept relations.  Here is a taste: (there is more to come)

Normalized Information

To understand the difference between the as reported information and the normalized view, please see this resource where that is explained.

Additionally, they implemented an awesome as reported comparison query.  You can see that in action here.  (I arbitrarily picked Alaska Airlines as the company to provide examples for. You can do these queries for ANY public company, ANY disclosure.)

As Reported Information

These tools will be very, very helpful getting the quality XBRL-based public company financial reports where it needs to be to make this valuable resource as useful as possible. Also, while I am showing the human-readable version of the query, there is also a machine-readable version of the query (XML , JSON and CSV).  Here is an example of that:

Thank you to 28msec for implementing these queries; thank you to the SEC for having the foresight to move to structured reporting.

ADDED: Here is documentation that helps you understand how to create the as reported queries.

ADDED: See this working prototype that I created using these queries.

ADDED: This is the metadata that drives the queries.

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