Understanding Knowledge Based Systems
Wednesday, May 3, 2017 at 05:06PM
Charlie in Becoming an XBRL Master Craftsman

I am collecting my thoughts which I will use to explain what a knowledge based system is.

Simply put,

knowledge based system is a system that draws upon the knowledge of human experts that has been represented in machine-readable form and stored in a fact database and knowledge base. The system applies problem solving logic using a problem solving method to solve problems that normally would require human effort and thought to solve. The knowledge based system supplies an explanation and justification mechanism to support conclusions reached by the knowledge base system and presents that information to the user of the system.

What I am trying to do is convey this information such that the information is understandable by the average business professional.  The challenge is that the average business professional does not have an adequate background in computer science to understand how such a system works.  I am trying to explain how knowledge based systems work.  Not sure if that is necessary, but if I were trying to understand this stuff; I would want to understand how it all worked so that I could get a good understanding of the true capabilities.

Any feedback, suggestions, corrections, or other comments are welcomed.

More to come...stay tuned.

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