Getting Ready for the Digital Age of Accounting, Reporting and Auditing
Saturday, July 15, 2017 at 08:36AM
Charlie in Digital Financial Reporting

Current information published by the AICPA and Journal of Accountancy tell professional accountants to "be ready" because "technology is poised to transform the accounting profession" and that "the professional will emerge in a different form".  But there is little information provided as to exactly how to be ready.  What additional skills do professional accountants need to remain relevant?

In the document, Getting Ready for the Digital Age of Accounting, Reporting and Auditing: a Guide for Professional Accountants, I endeavor to provide that information.

While the resources referenced at the end of the document are not perfect; they are the best resources that exist that I have personally seen.  If you are aware of something better, please let me know.  Really.  I want to know.

The information I have put together, while not perfect, is the best summary, synthesis, organization, instantiation that I have come up with to date.  While the referenced resources contain redundant information (because I have not figured out the best organization of the pieces yet); the information set is complete.

If you want to be on one of the early boats to digital financial reporting, that information will help you understand what you have to learn and why you have to learn it.


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