Intuit CEO Says Accountants Must Get On Board With AI
Saturday, January 20, 2018 at 03:15PM

Brad Smith, CEO Intuit, is warning accountants that they must embrace artificial intelligence (AI) in their professions or risk falling behind.

Blackline refers to itself as a finance controls and automation platform and provides accounting process automation says that accountants should gear up for AI disruption. Blackline says that artificial intelligence is set ot revolutionize accounting and change the role of accountants.

Xero sponsored a survey which says that 80% of accountants understand that they’ll need to undertake training in the next five years to adapt to technology and that AI is the new frontier for accounting technology.

The Journal of Accountancy is talking about rethinking the audit and the new type of auditor.

Steve Guggenheimer's Blog post, Introducing Dynamics 365 AI Solutions, explains how Microsoft is "helping developers build services that amplify human ingenuity."

SAP is employing artificial intelligence, as is ORACLE; basically I could go on and on.

The risk of not getting on board with the changes artificial intelligence and other technologies are enabling is increasing.  Might be ready to get ready for the digital age of accounting, reporting, and auditing.

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