Closing the Skills Gap
Tuesday, January 23, 2018 at 03:28PM
Charlie in Becoming an XBRL Master Craftsman, Digital Financial Reporting

The document; Closing the Skills Gap: Specifics as to what professional accountants need to learn to survive and thrive in the digital age of accounting, reporting, and auditing; is my best attempt at summarizing information which I wish I would have known 20 years ago when I started fiddling around with what became XBRL.

I tried to provide the least amount of what I would consider to be a complete set of basic information a professional accountant would need to correctly understand "the artificial intelligence revolution".  Here is the executive summary:

Essentially, what professional accountants and other business professionals need to learn to do is to "think critically" about data and information. What I mean by that is that they need to be able to be consciously conscious when working with data and information.  They need to be rigorous, deliberate, and methodical.

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