Harvard Business Review: The State of Machine Intelligence
Wednesday, January 31, 2018 at 07:17AM
Charlie in Digital Financial Reporting

In their Harvard Business Review article, The Competitive Landscape for Machine Intelligence, Shivon Zilis and James Cham summarize the state of machine intelligence (which they say is a more neutral term for artificial intelligence).

The article provides a PDF titled The State of Machine Intelligence, 2016 which summarizes somewhat of a machine intelligence "stack".

Here are two points made by the article:

Machine intelligence is not just about better software; it requires entirely new processes and a different mindset. Machine intelligence is a new discipline for managers to learn, one that demands a new class of software talent and a new organizational structure.

Every employee can use machine intelligence to become more productive with tools that exist today. Companies have at their disposal, for the first time, the full set of building blocks to begin embedding machine intelligence in their businesses.

Business professionals, just like professional accountants, need to gain a few new skills to understand that this change is real and it will be significant.

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