H&R Block and IBM Watson Partnership, Example of Things to Come
Saturday, May 26, 2018 at 08:04AM

H&R Block is partnering with IBM Watson for personal tax return preparation. Imagine a similar tool for the creation of corporate and partnership tax returns.  This is an example of the sorts of things to come in financial reporting, accounting, bookkeeping, etc.

I put together the document Computer Empathy to help people understand how computers work and therefore how to accurately understand the true capabilities of computers.

This video walks you through some of the capabilities of IBM Watson and how Watson works.  IBM is not the only one building this sort of software.  Google Deep Mind has similar capabilities.  It is highly likely that Apple, Microsoft, and many others will create similar capabilities.

But there are risks related to artificial intelligence.  Good leadership is called for.  Intellectual laziness needs to be avoided.  Snake oil salesmen will take advantage of ignorant buyers.

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