Comprehensive Analysis of IFRS-ISNATU0 Reporting Style Code
Monday, August 6, 2018 at 05:00PM
Charlie in Becoming an XBRL Master Craftsman

Continuing on with my analysis of IFRS reporting styles I have created an additional temporary reporting style code for the income statement.  The reason I created this temporary code is that the ISXXXXX basically turns off all of the income statement tests until I can establish the pattern of the income statement that has this code.

What I figured out is that I can turn half of the income statement tests on if I simply start at the income statement line item "Income (loss) from continuing operations before tax".  I can then test 5 relations, easing into the final reporting style. The code I used was ISNATU0.

When I did created this code and the supporting Excel validator, I realized that almost all 406 IFRS filings have those 5 relations.  I have seen only ONE IFRS filing that breaks this pattern, reporting "income (loss) from equity method investments and joint ventures" within their tax provision essentially.

So what I did was put all 406 IFRS filings into one Excel spreadsheet validator and checked the filings consistency with those five rules of the ISNATU0 code.  What I found was this:

Here are the POSITIVE and NEGATIVE test results for this ISNATU0 set of filings.

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