Digital Financial Reporting Conformance Suite
Tuesday, February 5, 2019 at 03:11PM
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This page is set up to accumulate sets of XBRL instances, related XBRL taxonomies, XBRL Formulas, and other such technical artifacts that make up an XBRL-based digital financial report.  This digital financial reporting conformance suite supports the Method of Implementing a Standard Digital Financial Report Using the XBRL Syntax, Open Source Framework for Implementing XBRL-based Digital Financial Reporting, and Accounting Process Automation XBRL Application Profile.

The goal of this conformance suite is to enable software engineers to create high-quality XBRL-based information for use internally for accounting process automation projects or for XBRL-based reporting where quality matters.

This is currently a work in progress:

  1. Positive Examples: This contains a link to an RSS feed that has either (a) a link to another RSS feed that has a set of positive examples of an XBRL instance and related taxonomies and linkbases (like this) or (b) direct reference to an XBRL instance and related taxonomies and linkbases (like this).  All of these are POSITIVE EXAMPLES meaning that you should find no errors.  Each of these XBRL instances and related XBRL taxonomies have been tested against three different XBRL software applications each of which reports no errors. (While it is conceivably possible that you find an error, it is highly unlikely.  If you do find an error, check to make sure that you do not have a bug in your application.  If you believe that the error is mine, please contact me and I will investigate.  If I do confirm that I have an error, I will fix the error.)
  2. Positive and Negative Examples: This conformance suite is set up identical to the XBRL International conformance suites.  It has both POSTIVE examples and NEGATIVE or contra-examples.

This are the results of the positive examples for one software vendor

These are the results of the positive and negative examples for one software vendor.

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