Conceptual Model of a Digital Financial Report

This page documents the conceptual model of a digital financial report. (Work in progress).

To understand the need for such a conceptual model, background information is critical to help you understand why.  Framework for Understanding Digital Financial Report Mechanics provides this background. Those several documents lay the foundation necessary.

The second step is to understand the multidimensional model of a business report.  This blog post provides information related to understand this multidimensional model of a business report.

This set of videos helps you understand that model in more detail: facts, characteristics, relations, components, renderings, and blocks.

Finally, a history of the past twenty or thirty years of trying to represent conceptual models is necessary to understand the technology that is best for representing and processing information.  This 222 slide presentation, Semantic Web Rules: Fundamentals, Applications, and Standards, provides that history and where things ended up.  This presentation gives you more specific information about Rulelog.

And here is the current working copy of the conceptual model of a digital financial report:

Conceptual model of a digital financial report (work-in-progress)

Here is US GAAP related metadata that is consistent with this model: