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More Taxonomy Component Reports Added

I have added additional reports which show, in human readable form, the components of the US GAAP Taxonomy.  See the same place as the other reports.  Added per entry point for Banking and Savings; Other Industries such as extractive industries, health care, etc; and SEC specific disclosures.

Based on feedback from others received thus far, Excel seems to be the preferred format.  This makes sense as then it is easy to do pretty much what you want.  If there is anyone who cannot live with Excel please let me know and creating a PDF is as easy as printing the Excel to PDF.

By doing this what I am noticing is that there will likely be a lot of different entry points people might like.  The extremes are:

  • no entry point and then the user needs to build their own from all of the existing components (which means they need to FIND those components)
  • start with everything you could possibly want and then "prune" that list, removing what you don't want (for example, it is unlikely that any company would report both a direct and indirect cash flow statement and is both a corporation and a partnership therefore using both statements of changes in equity)
  • start with the common components (for example, most filers with the SEC I would speculate use an indirect cash flow statement and are corporations)

During a little instance document creation symposium people who were not familar could not figure out exactly where to start.  Business users are certainly not going to roam around the subdirectories trying to find the pieces which they need to use.  Hopefully software developers will create useful wizards which ask the user questions such as "are you a corporation or a partnership" and "what industry are you in" and "do you use a direct or indirect method of reporting your cash flows", and then create the entry point neede by the user.

Posted on Friday, December 14, 2007 at 08:23AM by Registered CommenterCharlie in | Comments1 Comment

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Hi Charlie.
Great site.

I would suggest that where you say "See the same place as the other reports." that you create a link to the page.


December 21, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterJim Richards

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