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Looks like the European Union has got their semantic web going!  I was made aware of SEMIC.EU by a message posted to the Eurofiling mailing list.

SEMIC.EU briefly describes itself on the home page as:

SEMIC.EU is a repository and a coaching service, an information hub and a community building initiative.

There is a great video on the top, right hand side which is a couple of minutes in length which provides a nice little introduction.  The about page as additional information which describes this resource.  This description from the about page provides a little better idea of the purpose of SEMIC.EU:

SEMIC.EU is a participatory platform and a service by the European Commission that supports the sharing of assets of interoperability to be used in public administration and eGovernment

There are already two XBRL resources on SEMIC.EU: COREP and FINREP. (For more information on exactly what COREP and FINREP are, see the EUROFILING web site.

In my view, this is a good example of establishing a supply chain to share information and a sign of things to come.  If anyone is aware of this type of information sharing site in the United States please make me and others aware of it by posting a comment to this blog entry.




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