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Pre-Announcement for Loyal Blog Readers

I wanted to make my loyal blog readers aware of something before I passed this information on to others.  On this blog site there is a web page for the XBRL for Dummies book which is set to be in stores very soon (like next month).

The page is for the XBRL for Dummies book. The page has two things which may be of interest.  First, the organizes the links in the book into book chapters.  Therefore, you can get a better feel for the book using that table of contents information.  Second, lots and lots of links.  The links are good for two reasons:  (a) because they point to other useful information, (b) because it helps you realize the amount of information which is presented in the book.  The book condenses and organizes all that information into a useful and useable form, so you don't actually have to wade through all those links (there are about 350 links!).  But, if you want more detail, use the links to dig in deeper into specific areas.

Happy reading!  Thanks for your support of XBRL.

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