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Test of Google Forms

This is a test of Google Forms and Google Spreadsheets.  The following is a Google Form which is embedded in this blog post.  You can enter data into this form.  After you submit the data, it goes into a Google Spreadsheet.  Every time someone submits something, another line goes into the Google Spreadsheet.  (Note that below you can go look at the spreadsheet.)


This is a link to the Google Spreadsheet:

To view the spreadsheet after you entered your results, click here.

Notice that your data is in the spreadsheet as well as data from others.  This is pretty simple (a flat file basically, not a relational database) but still quite useful.  Note that you can create different submission controls to manage data integrity to a degree.  Be nice if the Google Spreadsheet would also be made available in XBRL so that you could automate the process of reading the spreadsheet data.  Right now, you have to open the spreadsheet and look at the information to use it.

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