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Handy Tool for Grabbing Taxonomy Information

I created a handy little tool which can be used to grab taxonomy information.  You can download the tool here. This is an Excel spreadsheet which has some macros.


The tool connects together lots of different sets of taxonomies which it will then load into either a tree view so you can look at the taxonomy or you can load the taxonomy information into the Excel spreadsheet.

These are the lists of taxonomies which the application points to:

  • US GAAP Taxonomy "Master" (i.e. as modeled and released by the FASB, 56 commonly used networks)
  • US GAAP Taxonomy "Optimized" (i.e. reorganized into a more logical form which is easier to use, total of 58 networks)
  • Taxonomies of the 30 companies which make up the Dow Industrials
  • Taxonomies of the top 100 SEC filers by total assets
  • Taxonomies of the top 1000 SEC filers by total assets
  • Taxonomies for all 10-Ks filed by the top 1000 companies (about 63 filings)
  • Taxonomies for 9 "exemplars" (examples) for different forms of a balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement

This is just experimentation. The primary point I am trying to make is why have only one list of taxonomies when you could have many, many different lists which serve different purposes.

This application can be reverse engineered and modified to your heart's content. If you do fiddle with it and you create some interesting modified version of this, please send me a copy so I can check out your handy work.

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