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Business Report Tool Worth Checking Out

This business reporting toolis worth checking out.  The tool is the APEX XBRL Maker 2011 and is created by Saltlake Infosolutions which says the tool is built to use the taxonomy created by Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Govt. of India.

I installed the application and installed some .Net 4.0 component I needed, and the application was up and running.  The interface still needs polish.  I entered some required information (probably about 10 things) and then generated the XBRL instance.

Frankly, I wish people would get away from the term "extended link" which is used by this application and use the proper semantic term "network" at a minimum, but even better something such as "section" which is far, far easier to relate to.

While this application does not appear to allow extension of the taxonomy, one can imagine that adding a row or a column to the existing interface would be workable for business users.

Certainly worth checking out.

If you hear of other good software applications or if you are a software vendor and have a good software tool and want people to be made aware of it, send me an email.


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