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Understanding SEC XBRL Financial Filings

If you follow this blog you know that I post quite a bit of information. I have taken information relating to working with SEC XBRL financial filings and consolidated it into a single resource: Understanding SEC XBRL Financial Filings which you can get to here.

This resource is useful for more than creating SEC XBRL filings. As this HL7 video points out (see slide 4) you need three things to make interoperability work: technical interoperability, semantic interoperability, and process interoperability. XBRL provides the technical interoperability, the XBRL technical syntax. If used correctly XBRL can provide the semantic interoperability also it seems. Process interoperability I don't really grasp well yet. I don't think XBRL provides that.

So check out this resource whether you work on SEC XBRL filings or not. This resource is not for the XBRL novice. But, it can help beginners or those with intermediate or advanced skills add to their skill set. I know that over the three years that it has taken me to accumulate and grasp this information I have learned quite a lot. Hopefully this will help you.


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