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Enhancements to SEC XBRL Filing Recap/Examination Utility

I have made some enhancements to my little SEC XBRL Filing Recap/Examination Utility. A reminder that this utility application is intended to help evaluate the qualityof an SEC XBRL financial filing.

The output that you see is for the reference/model implementation of an SEC XBRL financial filing which I have run through my utility tool.

Granted, this is just a working prototype and granted there are a lot of improvements which could be made such as formatting things better; but hopefully you can see through my lack of programming skills and see the true possibilities here.

Click around on the tool.  Note that the many reports are organized both "vertically" (meaning that you can get lists of things) or "horizontally" (meaning that you can get everything which relates to one specific [Table]).

One thing I think this shows is how you can "break the elephant into bite size chunks", turning on big task into lots of little tasks. Each [Table] is a separate task.  Get each [Table] correct.  Then, make sure that the relations BETWEEN the [Table]s is correct.


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