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Added Prototypes to Learning XBRL Page

I added a number of prototypes to the Learning About XBRL page.  This is what was added:


Here are a number of prototypes which can help you understand XBRL, understand how XBRL is going to change how financial reports are created in the future, and otherwise wrap your head around XBRL and digital financial reporting:

  • XBRL Techniques and Trends: This prototype is explained on this blog post and this blog post. Basically, imagine the AICPA's Accounting Trends and Techniques not for 600 companies, rather for ever SEC filer, querying how things are reported by industry, by type of entity, etc.
  • Exemplars: Exemplars are specific examples. Click on the "Show Exemplars" link in the left side pane of this prototype to go see a number of exemplars. Exemplars are explained in this blog post.
  • SEC Financial Filing Recap/Examination Utility: This working prototype helps you see the types of validation or verification reports one might use to help ensure their SEC XBRL financial filings where created correctly. This blog post talks about the characteristics of a quality filing. These reports are intended to help you meet those characteristics.
  • Web Service of US GAAP Taxonomy Information: It is hard to demonstrate a web serivce which is intended for one computer application to communicate with another, but this prototype tries to show that. You can get HTML renderings and XML information from this sample web service. Click on the XML link and then "view source" of the web page returned. What you will see is an easy to read (both humans and computers) of information from the US GAAP Taxonomy. Here are a few more ways to get to this information.
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