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Report Level Semantics Implementation Model Narrative

I would be the first to admit that this still needs a lot of work, but I did aggregate and try and organize all the information that I have toward implementing a report level semantics "layer" or "level" into one narrative.

This narrative ties together the Financial Report Semantics and Dynamics Theory report level model, US GAAP Taxonomy/SEC XBRL Financial Report semantics, the XBRL International XBRL Abstract Model 2.0, and the RDF Data Cube Vocabulary which was created by the W3C Government Linked Data Working Group.

You can grab a copy of this aggregation of information and mappings between these things here on my blog.

Bottom line: Bye, bye XBRL technical syntax, hello easier to use semantics and an increased level of interoperability.  Be very, very careful if you are too focused on XBRL and not focused enough on digital financial reporting and/or digital business reporting.

XBRL has ended up where it should have begun, with the creation of a business/financial report level semantics layer.  But now we have achieved the possibility of two parts of the three piece stool which the HL7 points out is required for effective business system interoperability.

Onward toward workflow interoperability.

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