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Sample Implementation of Disclosure Templates

In order to show how the disclosure templates I am creating might be used within a software application, I have created a sample implementationwhich uses the disclosure templates. The sample implementation, built using Microsoft Excel, interacts with a set of RDF/OWL files which provide metadata which can be leveraged to help interact with the disclosure templates.

For example, in the screen shots below notice how:

  • The disclosure templates are organized within the software application using the US GAAP topics which are provided from the RDF/OWL file.
  • The disclosure template information can be read directly into the software application.  In this case, the model structure is read from an XML infoset.  Other information is available.
  • The US GAAP taxonomy network with which the disclosure template is associated is also loaded into the software application.  That can be used as a "pick list" to add additional pieces to the disclosure template.
  • Software which implements this model can help users create the correct model structure by enforcing verification rules during the creation of the SEC XBRL financial report (as opposed to at the end of the process).
  • While this example uses the US GAAP taxonomy, the same approach can be used for the IFRS taxonomy or any other reporting scheme.

View disclosure template information

View associated US GAAP Taxonomy information


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