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Human Friendly XBRL Database

28msec took there existing information processing platform, loaded the business information from XBRL instances and XBRL taxonomies (rather than the XBRL technical syntax), extended their existing query platform specifically for the business information (BizQL), and the result is XBRL.io. Their stated goal is as follows:

We want to radically simplify the way people build and deploy business reporting applications using XBRL.

As I understand it they are testing their platform by loading the entire set of SEC XBRL financial filings into their database platform. That should provide very good information about how scalable their database is and the power of their query language.

The jury is still out.  I will be checking this out as I got invited to join their private beta. You can sign up for yourself. There is certainly more to come. I am cautiously optimistic.

For more information about XBRL and databases please see this blog post.

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