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Anzo Express Provides Clues as to where Digital Business Reporting is Going

Someone made me aware of Anzo Express which is one of the most advanced digital business reporting interfaces that I have seen.  If you want to understand Anzo Express, go to this web page and watch the first tutorial "Your First Simple Anzo Application".  It is 15 minutes long and starts out a bit slow, but trust me; it is worth watching the entire video.

Cambridge Semantics, the maker of Anzo, describes Anzo as:

Anzo Express is a complete spreadsheet data management solution. It enables users to link data from multiple Excel spreadsheets and relational databases together in real-time for data collection, collaboration, and reporting. Anzo Express also includes a state-of-the-art Web dashboard tool so that you can easily share your integrated Excel data with your colleagues.

One of the most critical things to understand which is said in the video above is the statement, "... this isn't a Google search, it is a really sophisticated semantic search ..." or something to that affect.

Most people still don't really understand the difference between a Google search of mainly textual information and a truly semantic search which leverages a rich set of metadata.  Once they see the benefits of a semantic search, they will begin to understand that statement and will understand the true power of semantic or "smart applications".

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