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FIBO is a Sign of Things to Come

FIBO (Financial Industry Business Ontology) is being created by the EDM Council (Enterprise Data Management Council) which seems to be part of OMG(Object Management Group) or has some sort of tight association with OMG.

FIBO is doing something that is really interesting.  Their documentation is excellent. It is understandable to business people and technical people.  It is extremely well organized.  The visualizations are excellent. This is some of the best documentation of metadata that I have seen.

Perhaps I will adopt that model as a good way to express the information in the Financial Report Ontology (FRO). My stuff is scattered. Visual views, lists all over the place, wikis, other important stuff.  I need to get this stuff better organized.

The sign of things to come is business people dealing with metadata, ontologies included. Why? Enables machines to do things only humans could have done in the past.

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