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Testing Tableau Public: (Imagine digital financial reports working this way)

This is a test visualization I created using Tableau Public.  What I did was create a Tableau visualization, save it to Tableau Public, and then embed the visualization object into my blog entry.  This is a direct link to this prototype test visualization: (Shows information about the number of networks and the total reported facts of the Fortune 100 companies.  Also provides information about who the generator was)

Couple of things to note.

  • It took me about 45 minutes to create this prototype, I have never used Tableau before.
  • Tableau supports Excel, CSV, TXT, and some other formats but does not support XBRL directly.  You can convert XBRL to CSV, such as using the SECXBRL.info web service (here is an example)
  • What Tableau seems to do is upload your data into their database.  Not sure if you can create visualizations which automatically update if data changes.  For example, it would be great if I could hook the Tableau visualization to the SECXBRL.info web service which provides information in the CSV format.
  • Unfortunately, Tableau seems to be forcing OLAP on you similar to Excel pivot tables and other BI type applications.  Hopefully I am wrong, but that is what I see. On the other hand, they do have both measures and attributes.  So I could be wrong about this.  (Hopefully I am wrong)
  • What I find incredibly interesting is that newspapers are embedding these dynamic visualizations into their news stories.  For example, check out this Seattle Times article. Here is another in the Sydney Morning Herald

What if information from a digital financial report could be worked with in this manner?  Imbed into analysis reports.  Drill down from analysis reports to the actual report (i.e. SEC XBRL financial filing).

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