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Media Lab's 9 Principles of Innovation

In the video "9 Principles" Media Lab director Joi Ito proposed the fundamental principles that guides innovation for the Media Lab's work under his leadership: (this person created a summary of the video)
  • Disobedience over compliance. You don't win a Nobel Prize by doing what you are told, you win Nobel Prizes by questioning authority and thinking for yourself.
  • Emergence over authority. How does the authority of a system exist?  Authority is not about someone with a title, authority is about leadership.
  • Practice over theory. It is better to have a fact than a theory.
  • Learning over education. Education is what others do to you, learing is what you do to yourself.
  • Pull over push. Pull from the network as you need it rather than stocking what you think you might need.
  • Compasses over maps. You need to have a compass heading of where you want to to, not an entire map.
  • Resilience over strength. Understand how to recover (bounce back, resilience) rather than focusing on how not to fail.
  • Systems over objects.  Focus on the system, not the objects in the system.
  • Risk over safety.  Take risks, don't spend your entire time figuring out how not to fail.
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