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Awesome Renderings of Public Company Financial Information

(These URLs will be deprecated soon, please see these updated examples here.)

The following are two awesome renderings of public company financial information provided by 28msec.  Each shows the breakdown of net income (loss) into the portions attributable to parent and attributable to noncontrolling interest:

(Click image for larger view)
Here are the queries which provide the renderings for:

Note that these are not pre-configured queries.  The queries run each time the report is created, pulling in the reported facts from the 28msec database.

Note the little green checks and the red "X" by the numbers.  That shows if the roll up computation is consistent with the description of how US GAAP says this information rolls up.

One improvement I see is that it would be good to put the entities into alphabetical order.  I don't know what the ordering is right now.

Pretty awesome if you ask me.

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