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Zeroing in on the Holy Grail of Global Standard Financial Reporting

Computer science is, well, science.  Getting a computer to successfully perform work has little or nothing to do with emotion, theological dogma, personal opinion, or such.  (Although, when you are creating a standard some of the discussions can be emotional, theological, and filled with personal opinion.)

Zeroing in on the Holy Grail of Meaningful Information Exchange summarizes what I have learned and discovered while trying to make digital financial reporting work appropriately.  My document was inspired by the introduction to the document Ontology for the Twenty First Century: An Introduction with Recommendations.  That document tends to be more oriented to scientific domains.  My document tries to explain the same ideas to business professionals.

Here are the bullet points:

  • Computers have three strengths
    • Information storage
    • Information retrieval and processing
    • Ubiquitous information distribution
  • Computers can be harnessed to perform certain work effectively, if done correctly
  • There are major obstacles to harnessing the power of computers
    • Business professional idiosyncrasies
    • Information technology idiosyncrasies
    • Inconsistent domain understanding of and technology's limitation in expressing interconnections
    • Computers are dumb beasts
  • Computers are tools
  • Ontologies are tools
    • Philosophy has used ontologies for 2000+ years (not machine-readable)
    • Computer science now leverage ontologies (machine-readable)
  • Knowledge engineering is, well, engineering
  • Technical syntax matters, but not that much
  • Software must be usable by business professionals because they own the problem domains
  • The holy grail of meaningful information exchange is...

Deliberate, rigorous, clear, logically coherent, consistent, and unambiguous ontologies created by business professionals can make dumb beasts appear to perform magic.

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