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Basic Fundamental Disclosures Testing: Step 1

This is a summary of information for testing of a base set of business rules which will be used to verify the appropriate representation of disclosures.  The task is to perfect the process of verifying disclosures to make it work appropriately.

The list below was selected from the complete list of disclosures. Ulitmately, business rules will be created for all of these disclosures and the list of disclosures will be tuned.

To articulate disclosure mechanical rules, XBRL definition arcroles are used. For more information see here. These arcrole definitions and functionallity will be perfected.

Starting point schema: http://www.xbrlsite.com/2015/fro/us-gaap/xbrl/Disclosures/BusinessRules/Disclosures_Base.xsd

Improved starting point schema: http://www.xbrlsite.com/2015/fro/us-gaap/xbrl/Disclosures/BusinessRules/Disclosures_BASE2.xsd (Human Readable HTML)

List of basic, fundamental disclosures: (the above schema contains all of these disclosures)

To get the most out of this, it is extremely helpful to have the right perspective.  To get the right perspective, please read the Framework for Understanding Digital Financial Report Semantics.

A number of apprenticeships are offered to people to be directly involved in the process of perfecting this functionallity.  Please contact me for information.

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