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From Financial Report to Tableau

I experimented with Tableau years ago. One of the most interesting things to me was OData.  Back then, I thought it would be great to be to get information directly from a financial report into Tableau and present the information.  Guess what.  28msec now supports OData.

When I found out that 28msec supported OData, I took their demo link, pasted it into Tableau (I had to upgrade from version 8.2 to the current version which is 9.3), and I created this.  It does not look that great, but I just wanted to prove that the 28msec atom-xml feed actually worked in Tableu, which it does.

I would encourage people to experiment with the 28msec queries an Tableau.  Here are a bunch of example queries.  There is documenation that will help you create queries at the bottom of the blog post.  If you come up with anything good, let me know.

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