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Handy Queries of Components and Line Items for SECXBRL.info

Here are a couple of handy queries for getting information from a component and then for the line items within the component.  (The best way to use these queries is to run them and look at the results or if you want to see the query, right click the link and copy/paste it into a text editor.)

This query gets all the text blocks within a network. You get all 10 of the text blocks within that network.  If you only want one of the text blocks, then you use this query.  Or you can get another text block from the set of ten with this query.

You can do the same thing for statements.

So here is a query of an income statement.  And here is a query of ONE LINE ITEM, revenues, from that income statement.  Same thing for a different line item, net income (loss).

You can do that for any digital financial report for any public company in the SECXBRL.info repository.  Complete documentation is here.  If you come up with interesting queries, please let me know.

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