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Updated Conceptual Model of an XBRL-based Digital Financial Report

I have updated my description of the high-level conceptual model of an XBRL-based digital financial report.  You can get this updated information here, Introduction to Conceptual Model of a Digital Financial Report.

Why should you care about understanding this high-level conceptual model?  Anyone can create something that is complicated.  It takes hard work to create something that is simple.  The conceptual model makes things simpler.

If this higher-level conceptual model is implemented in software applications, it makes it possible to make software far more approachable by business professionals.  Not using some high-level conceptual model leads to hard to use software, less functional software, and less elegant software.

You don't have to use my conceptual model: if you don't like mine, create your own.

Ready for more detail?  Read PART 2 of Intelligent XBRL-based Digital Financial Reporting.  Really want to start getting your hands dirty? Here is the next layer of the conceptual model.

Why should you even care?  Because accounting, reporting, and auditing are going digital.

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