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Starter Set of Fundamental Accounting Concept Relations Metadata for IFRS

I took the metadata and tools that I createdfor checking the fundamental accounting concept relations continuity cross checks of US GAAP based financial reports and I started to update that for IFRS.  If anyone wants to check this out, here you go:

  1. Excel extraction prototype updated with some IFRS metadata
  2. Several IFRS example financial reports (used to exercise the Excel spreadsheet application)
  3. Easy to read version of the IFRS FULL taxonomy
  4. Easy to read version of the IFRS for SMEs taxonomy

Ultimately I will update my XBRL-based metadata.  I will probably do that based on 20-F filings to the SEC that contain IFRS based reports that use the IFRS taxonomy.  There really are not very many IFRS reports around in XBRL to test things with yet.

If you like Sudoku puzzles, you will enjoy fiddling around with this.  Someone may even be able to create a useful product.

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