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Another Source for Measuring XBRL-based Report Quality

There is now a fourth source that has created capabilities for measuring/evaluating the quality of XBRL-based financial reports.   Here is a list of the sources:

  • My quality measurements: My quality measurements of XBRL-based financial reports submitted to the SEC.
  • XBRL Cloud dashboard; XBRL Cloud's EDGAR Dashboard provides a broad spectrum of validation of XBRL-based reports submitted to the SEC.
  • XBRLogic: XBRLogic now seems to provide quarterly measurements of the quality of XBRL-based financial reports submitted to the SEC. Provides a "quality" score and a "usability" score.
  • XBRL US Data Quality Committee: Battery of about 46 different rules related to XBRL-based financial reports submitted to the SEC.

What would be very interesting is to combined the information from these sources to create a composite measurement of quality.  XBRL Cloud comes the closest to that because they include my rules, XBRL US Data Quality Committee rules, Edger Filer Manual Rules, XBRL technical syntax rules, and other rules. 

Maybe I will work on that.  Perhaps this composite measurement could be done as of March 31 each year, after the 10-K filing season.

For more information related to XBRL-based report quality see Blueprint for Creating Zero-defect XBRL-based Digital Financial Reports.

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