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Pretty High Quality XBRL-based Financial Reports of Public Companies

Below is a link to a web page that provides a list of 14 pretty high quality XBRL-based financial reports of public companies. (Or you can click here.)

(Click image for larger view)

Each of the 14 XBRL-based financial reports were evaluated using techniques summarized in the document Blueprint for Creating Zero-Defect XBRL-based Digital Financial Reports.

I am comparing the validation results obtained from different software validation tools, this is a work in progress.

For each of these 14 XBRL-based financial filings of public companies, the following is provided: (the links are all for the FIRST filing)

Also, links to all the machine-readable rules that were used to validate the reporting checklist, disclosure mechanics, and fundamental accounting concept relations rules are provided on the summary document.  These rules have been implemented in two different software applications, XBRL Cloud which is commercially available software and Pesseract which is a working proof of concept used to test the feasibility of some ideas.

If I can find other publicly available information about these filings, then I will link to that information to this web page.

More information coming soon.

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