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Data to Analyze XBRL Roll Up Relations in US GAAP Reports

I have written a simple software application in Microsoft Access that extracts the XBRL calculation relations (i.e. roll ups) of 5,734 10-K financial reports submitted to the SEC.  You can download the database and other tools if you want to analyze the roll up relations:

  • Here is the database: This contains 807,924 roll up relations from the 5,734 reports.  It also has a list of the reporting entities.  The database also has the extraction code which should work if you have a Microsoft Access license.
  • Documentation: This documentation helps you understand how to use the database.
  • Excel extraction tool:  The database has ALL 5,734 reports.  This Excel tool can be used to extract XBRL calculation relations from one report at a time.  It can be modified to do more.

If you make any interesting modifications to the tools or discover any interesting patterns in the information, please be sure to let me know.

Here is more information related to those 5,734 US GAAP financial reports.

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