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GitHub Repositories for XBRL Examples, Templates, Rules and Other Metadata

I have created a set of GitHub repositories for examples, templates, rules and other metadata related to XBRL-based financial reporting.  Metadata will be created and maintained for US GAAP and IFRS. (I am also creating metadata for a sample reporting scheme that am using for debugging, testing, education, and training I call XASB.)

I also provided a bunch of Excel-based information extraction and validation tools for US GAAP and IFRS.

All XBRL instances, XBRL taxonomy schemas, XBRL linkbases, XBRL formulas have been validated using numerous XBRL processors. The quality should be very high.

All of these examples, templates, rules, and other metadata are still going to be available in their original locations; I am pretty sure that I will be using this more modern GitHub approach to providing this information going forward.  I have some details to work out, but things are looking really good so far.

You might want to grab a tool such as the local GitHub Desktop client application so that you can download all these files to your local computer.  Doing this will create local copies of all the files in the repository on your local computer.

If you want to contribute files you should get an XBRL editor, XML editor, text editor, or code editor; preferably one that has built it Git.  For example, Visual Studio Code has built in Git. The text editor Atom does also.  (What would be nice is if an XBRL taxonomy editor supported Git.)

I will add all the metadata that I currently have to these GitHub repositories, then I will figure out what the next steps are.  I hope people find this useful.  If you have metadata, tools, examples, etc. that you might want to contribute, please contact me and we can get your contributions uploaded.

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