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This is a blog for information relating to digital financial reporting.  This blog is basically my "lab notebook" for experimenting and learning about XBRL-based digital financial reporting.  This is my brain storming platform.  This is where I think out loud (i.e. publicly) about digital financial reporting. This information is for innovators and early adopters who are ushering in a new era of accounting, reporting, auditing, and analysis in a digital environment.

Much of the information contained in this blog is synthasized, summarized, condensed, better organized and articulated in my book XBRL for Dummies and in the chapters of Intelligent XBRL-based Digital Financial Reporting. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

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High Level Model of XBRL

This link is to a high level model of XBRL.  The model was put together using the XBRL Specification and ideas from other models which I have seen.  I guess that this is more a physical model than a logical model.  I am no expert in creating models but I needed one and all the other models which I have come across were significantly lacking.  This model is certainly not a complete logical model which would need to go into significantly more detail, however it does contain a few logical notions within it such as the idea of networks, concepts, facts, and rules.

 High Level Model of XBRL

I think there are a number of different graphical models which are needed for XBRL.  A detailed physical model, a detailed logical model, etc.  If anyone is aware of these sorts of models, if you could make me aware of them that would be spectacular. Or, if anyone is aware of a better high level model than this one, please provide comments and I can either update this model or point to that better model.

Comments would be greatly appreciated.  This model is free for anyone to modify/improve, it is made available under a Creative Commons license.  I hope to create a graphical image of a logical model of the XBRLS application profile.

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