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Sample XBRL for Learning, Testing, and Demos

I have created a new website which I am simply calling XBRL Site.  See:  http://www.xbrlsite.com/

On this site I am providing a bunch of XBRL taxonomies and instances which can be used for learning, testing, and demonstrations.  This is a work in progress.  Right now everything is organized on the home page.  That will eventually change.

Several items of specific interest are the following:

  • All the taxonomies and instances are being tested by a minimum of two validators of different vendors and I am striving to test these with at least four vendor tools.  I am happy to use more if any vendors want to provide a validator or an automated validation process.  My validators of choice are UBmatrix XPE, CoyoteReporting XRun, DecisionSoft TrueNorth, and Fujitsu's taxonomy and instance validator.  I am using multiple validators to both make sure that the taxonomies and instances I create are of the highest quality and to ferret out any interoperability issues to get new XBRL conformance suite tests created to maximize software interoperability.
  • There are a number of RSS feeds on the page.  The RSS feeds can be used to grab taxonomies and instances and feed them to processes.  That is how I am doing validation.  For example, I simply send the URL of one RSS feed to a process that I created using Microsoft Access and about 1 minute later all 80 instance documents and taxonomies from this feed are validated!  Sure beats the old days of doing these one by one.
  • There are several "repositories" of instance documents.  These are pretty basic now, but I am going to make these increasingly sophisticated.  The purpose of the repositories are to both provide instances for demos and to test comparability issues from a business perspective.

I do take requests.  If anyone has any ideas or needs something which I think is a good idea, please let me know what it is and I will see what I can do.  If you have or know about any interesting demos, please let me know about them.  If you may want to collaborate on a demo, I am up for that also.

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