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Updated Interactive Information Viewer

I have created an updated "interactive information viewer" based on a bunch of work I have done trying to understand how to best render XBRL information in general and specifically for financial reporting.  Details of what I am seeing can be found in these three blog entries:

My next step will be to update the comprehensive example which looks a little more like a financial statement to take advantage of the things which I have learned in this little exercise.  These are the test cases I am using to try and pull all these pieces together:

If anyone has any better ways to get to the right result, I would love to hear from you.

The goal which I am striving toward is to make the following work for XBRL in general and XBRL specifically for financial reporting:

  • Business users can do all of this without the IT department getting involved (ease of use)
  • Extensibility which works correctly (not forms)
  • Rendering which is easy and interactive (not static renderings)
  • Does everthing which is needed today plus more (new beneficial features)
  • Global, open standard (not proprietary to one software vendor)

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