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World Wide XBRL Projects and Demo

XBRL International made an Excel spreadsheet of informationavailable containing information about XBRL projects around the world.

I took the information in the Excel spreadsheet, loaded it into a Microsoft Access database, fixed some problems, and then generated some of this information in the form of XBRL.  You can see that here.

On that web page you can get to that Excel file, two different ways of getting to the XBRL information (an XML pointer file and an RSS feed), some a printout I created which is easier to read than the Excel file, and an Excel file which you can use to extract information from the XBRL instances (and sample code to perform such an extraction).

I would love to see someone create a simple Ajax widget or something which can be used to read the RSS feed or the XML feed.  Should be pretty simple.

In fact, this little database of project information has lots and lots of possibilities of showing the types of business information problems XBRL really solves.  It also has the potential to demonstrate the differences between how information expressed using tuples (as is this information) and information using XBRL Dimensions would work.



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