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CFO: 18,000 Tagging Errors in XBRL Filings So Far

CFO Today in Finance in an article, 18,000 Tagging Errors in XBRL Filings So Far, errors in SEC XBRL filings are pointed out. But that is better than expected, say the SEC and XBRL US, the article points out.

The article is talking only about errors reported by the XBRL US consistency suite.  There is a list of the types of errors included in the list of 18,000 within the article.  It is worth having a look at the list.

No suprise here.  In fact, there are other types of errors which I am seeing in the SEC XBRL filings.  See prior blog entries for those.

I suspect that the SEC will eventually tighten the reins.  No idea when.

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