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Why Can't Searching and Using Financial Information Work Like This?

Here are some great examples of searching and using information.  Why can't searching for and using financial information be more like this:

  • Finding a diamond: Nice interface for finding a diamond. (Recall that Valentine's day is coming up!)
  • Google Squared: A different way to search.  Try this search of "Fortune 100 Companies".
  • WolframAlpha: They call this a conceptual knowledge engine.
  • TrueKnowledge.com: Imagine being able to ask questions such as "Give me a list of all the countries in the Airlines Industry around the world.  This web site isn't great, but it points out possibilities.
  • Yahoo Pipes: Interesting interface for building queries.  What if you could query the SEC database like this. Try running some of the sample queries, or be bold and venture to build your own query.
  • OpenAnalytics: This is just a sample, but imagine the possibilities of this interface.  Try one of the sample companies.
  • 15 Stunning Data VisualizationsThis is truly stunning.
  • Bubble Charts: Hans Rosling analysis of data using bubble charts.  This is a 16 minute video, well worth watching.
  • FDIC Bank Database: This isn't bad, wish the made the data available in XBRL so you could query it from Excel.

One day!



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