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Draft UML Model for Financial Reporting Domain

The following are two links to information which represent further progress in creating a UML model for financial reporting:

  • DRAFT of UML Model: This is a PDF with the images from a UML model created plus narrative added which explains the model. This model was made available by Cliff Binstock of XBRL Cloud.  Cliff modified the model based on suggestions by me.  The model is made available under a Creative Commons license, anyone can make use of this however they see fit, everyone is encouraged to contribute to creating and completing it.  However, it is best if one model can be agreed upon.  The model was created using the free ArgoUML Tool.  If you want a copy of the model which can load into that tool, please send me an email (CharlesHoffman@olywa.net) and I will send you a copy which you can edit.  Those who add value to this model will be included as creators of this UML model. 
  • DRAFT Mind Map: This is a mind map of the same information.  What I am finding is that both of these serve a purpose.  The UML model is more concise and formal, but harder for business people to understand.  The mind map is easer to understand, but not "standard" or detailed enough for technical people (i.e. that is why UML was invented).  Therefore, both will be maintained.

The next step is to tune the existing draft and create additional "logical" and "physical" models.  All three of these models should fit together.  Personally, I also want to express the model in OWL.  The intension of these models is to help make XBRL for financial reporting unambiguous, provide semantic consistency, in financial reporting environments (domains) were XBRL's extensibility is utilized (filers of financial reports can modify the information model).

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Reader Comments (1)

I want to explain the model to my friend, I think the mindmap is made using VUE, I do contribute some feature to VUE, can I have the copy of your VUE map

thank you
March 8, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterGinanjar Utama

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